Hello World!


Annnnnnnd…. We’re LIVE!

Finally!  I am done with the look and feel of this site.  Man, it took a lot of time, effort and brain cells to put up a blog site than I imagined and yet there’s still more stuff to do.  sigh

As you have noticed, this is my very first “blog” entry.  I am still learning the grips on things around this world so please bear with me. haha…  The blog content will be all about my errant thoughts and travels (a little photography on the side too).   Since I haven’t been on any trips recently then I’ll be mostly posting about my previous adventures.  A kind of like a travel backlog.  However, I am not a great writer so I’ll try to unburden you from reading lengthy entries with my poor english skills. LOL

Anyhow, I’ll try to blog as much as possible but, for the mean time, please do check out my little portfolio at The Lost Escapades (on the menu).  Each photo in my portfolio are linked to their own pages.

So this is it guys!  Finally joined the blog universe with the rest of y’all!

And together…

Let’s escape quietly!