Remembering Everly


They had the ability to destroy lives, obliterate relationships, and sabotage even the strongest partnerships. Big or small…it didn’t matter. Even the tiniest white lie had the power to corrode—to shatter and dismantle everything you loved.”

“He was a dying breed—the last of his kind. The gentle giant, a class-act gentleman who carried his heart on his sleeve and cared with every fiber of his being.”

“Those had been hard memories to relive—to see myself so altered, so driven by materialism. It was one addiction I hoped stayed forever in the past.”

“But if you looked around, at the old and the dying—visiting a man saying good- bye to his ailing wife after eighty years of marriage—there was always one thing people desired more than money. One thing they would give everything up for in a heartbeat.


If someone could figure out a way to harness time—to give that dying man an hour or even a day more on this earth with his wife? Or if someone could manipulate time and send them back so they could start all over again? He’d be a god among men.”

“Because time wasn’t for sale, and no matter how hard you tried—you’d never get a second chance to go back and fix your wrongs. Life was nothing more than a series of choices—right or wrong, good or bad. How we sorted through—that mess was the real test, and I guess I’d failed. Miserably.”

“But sometimes you have to take a risk to find your heart.”

― J.L. Berg