It’s me, again!


Hi!  It’s me, again.  Gosh..  I am sooo bad at this blogging thing and for that I am sorry…

I am so full of crap goals on how this blog will be or on where will this go.

I’ve decided that this site will solely become a storage of my favorites quotes.  I will no longer make any promises on posting my travels.  I never did get to it anyway.  I was way too lazy to upload photos. haha (maybe someday… we’ll see.. LOL)

However, you can follow me on Instagram at @QuietEscapes.  c”;)


So, for now…

I will fully embrace my inner nerdness.  I will posts lines I’ve quoted from books I’ve read.  Make no mistake, the posts will be up periodically.   Just as I’ve said, I am lazy.  Very lazy to maintain this site. XD



Here’s to more reading and together…

Let’s escape quietly!