Jesse’s Girl

“You have to take chances to get a chance at your dreams.”

“I don’t want yesterday to wither away and die.”

“If I let them tell me how to live my life—I will end up leading a life that’s not mine.”

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Trusting Liam

“Love doesn’t exist anymore. Not in this day—not for our generation. You see how many divorces there are now? It’s just people who get tired of being with their spouse because they’re no longer in ‘love’ with them, or they ‘love’ someone else. If you actually loved them, that wouldn’t ever go away. You’d always love them. Now? All love is, is a dream. It’s something people want and pretend they find.”

“I stopped looking at the world through love-clouded glasses, and started seeing relationships for what they were. They look perfect on the outside, and inside, they’re just a disaster.”

“Finding your true love is the most terrifying experience of your life, … Well, unless you have kids. I’ve heard that shit is pretty fucking scary”

― Molly McAdams

To the Stars

“Why would anyone waste their time only loving someone to the moon when they could love them to the stars?”

“If the stars can see you, I can see you.”

“Funny the things you realize, the things you wish you’d done differently, and the things you just wish you’d done when you know your life is about to end.”

“You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met, and, in a way, the strongest. But even the bravest warriors needed armies with them.”

― Molly McAdams


Hearts of Fire

“Would it make you feel better to know that we all get the same number of hours in a day, days in a year? Some people might be rich and some might be poor, but none of them can buy time. It is one of the fairest systems in the world.”



Letting Go

“But I don’t believe everything is a fairy tale, … Life hurts; there are parts of life that are so major that they’ll change you completely. We’re all on this giant roller coaster and you never know when you’re going to go down, or just how far down you’ll actually have to go. But those drops and those climbs are what make us, and make our life what it’s supposed to be—whether it hurts or not.”

“I’m not wasting time anymore waiting for the right time for things. The right time isn’t set by any rules society makes; the right time is when you’re ready for it—whatever it may be.”

“I know it’s so much easier to get trapped in the past because you want to stay there, but it’s also dangerous, and you have to be the one to decide you’re ready to move on.”

― Molly Mcadams


Return to Paradise

“If you tiptoe into cold water, you’re missing out on the rush of plunging in headfirst.”

― Simone Elkeles


Fourth Debt

“Things outside the realm of understanding can become approved if it’s drafted and agreed to. What do you think war is? It’s a contract between two countries that men in their comfy offices sign. With one signature, they deliver countless resources and sign the death warrant of so many lives. That’s murder. And it’s all done with no comeuppance because they had a contract stating they had the full use of enlisted men’s lives all for greed, money, and power.”

― Pepper Winters


Forgiving Lies

“People say that being in love is amazing. They lie. It’s freaking terrifying.”

“But they’re the kind of lies that people forgive and forget about because they’re so minor. But when people tell harmful lies, or ones that can shatter trusts, and the other person finds out about them . . . they always say what they did was unforgivable. So if lies that can hurt people are unforgivable, then why can’t the ones that are meant to be polite be forgiving lies?”

― Molly mcadams



“You know, you’re half as tough as you think you are and twice as nice as you hope you aren’t. So don’t try to sell me the whole I’m-a-cancer thing again because I’m not buying it.”

“Lying and making promises about forever is almost as bad as one day at a time.”

“Our reputations weren’t who we really were, they were who people told us we were. Some of us fell into that trap, while others fought their entire lives to break free of them.”

― Nicole williams


Rock Candy Kisses

“Sometimes pain is the most respected teacher.”

― addison moore